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Joker - Brian Azzarello, Lee Bermejo

So I’ve heard a lot about this one, mostly good…and I’m at the point where I don’t really understand the hype.


This is pretty obviously modeled after the Heath Ledger version of Joker, which I personally adore because he’s kind of a different breed than the normal Joker (whom I also love). This however fell a bit flat for me, though there were a few moments where I enjoyed the interaction but it was few and far in-between.


This is supposed to be an edgy and ‘realistic’ version much like the movies, but I think they tried to incorporate too much for it to truly be pulled off properly. I didn’t like Killer Croc and Harley was quiet the whole time…seriously not a single word from her. Riddler makes a brief appearance which made me laugh a bit but was kind of forget ton directly after. The few jokes that Joker actually said fell flat and even there was a lack of the ‘brutal’ jokes that Heath’s Joker presented…so it didn’t really feel Joker-ish at all too me. It’s told from the henchman’s point of view which was rather interesting, but the character as a whole was pretty one note. I did like having someone else describe the Joker and his antics though.


Overall I found this one to be a bit boring and I firmly believe that the Joker should never be considered boring. It’s a bit shrug worthy to me but it does have it’s moments…but it didn’t feel like the ‘mandatory’ reading everyone promised.