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Liberty - Annie Laurie Cechini

Liberty is a face paced story that focuses on Dix, a teenager who is the captain of her own ship and the holder of something very important to the rest of the System’s inhabitants. A vial of what is known as Eternigen, which holds the key to travel outside of the System and build a new life, dangles around her neck in secret. Unfortunately her secret is out and she has to race against time to save the ones she loves and protect the vial.


I remember when I first picked this up and read a few chapters, I kept thinking that it had the same feeling as Firefly the show. It’s quick, easy, and engrossing but at the same time there is a deep and emotional layer that kind of sneaks up on you and pulls you in deeper. The similarities end after the awesome space ships and having a adorable engineer but it just has that same comfortable feel to it. I haven’t read very many books dealing with space travel, as I could probably count them on my hands, and even less in the YA category but this is certainly one of the best. It has it all: fighting, space ships, a crew that really stands out, a dash of love, and of course awesome settings on different planets. The last thing is probably one of my favorite aspects of the story, I loved how each terraformed planet had it’s own ‘personality’ and served it’s own purposes with in the System. Another great aspect is the action because Liberty gives you plenty of it, both in the darkness of pace and on the ground. Dix’s whole struggle against SUN and Eira is one that I became completely invested in.

Dix, or Tabitha Dixon, is one tough girl. She has a ship of her own and a crew that is completely loyal to her, and she’s only seventeen. I personally loved her because she reminded me a bit of myself…I’m not likely to choose a career like hers but her personality was spot on. She has a wall up and when things start to really break a part around her, it begins to crumble giving glimpses of someone who really needs the support of her friends. Dix is a great girl and she has her flaws, for example she’s fond of cursing (flark and scud)  and she has a problem opening up to people. She tries to shoulder heavy burdens by herself and it was nice to see her evolve past that.

Her crew is a mixed bag and just as enjoyable as she is. Barret is the new addition with a smart mouth and a cute smile, he’s got a good head on his shoulders and isn’t afraid of danger. The slow build up between him and Dix is rather good and kind of cute, but nothing overwhelming. I personally preferred Hobs, who is the scientist and best friend of Dix. He’s the one person in the group that knows everything right from the beginning, and he’s utterly loyal to Dix. For those worried about a love triangle, it doesn’t really exist and I’m very happy for that. There is a slight etching of one, but it never develops into that sort of situation. The other four crew members are so different that it’s a bit surprising they all get along so well, and even though you don’t get to see them all together for very long you can still tell they are close.


Overall this one surprised me with how much feeling went into it. This is a action packed ride filled with snarky characters, friendship, and the fight for survival. I’m not sure if this one will become a series or not as the end is nearly closed, though there is enough of an opening to continue on, but if it does I will definitely read the other.

I received this from Rhemelda in exchange for an honest review.