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Alice in Wonderland - Rod Espinosa

While Alice in Wonderland is not necessarily my favorite book, I find myself constantly in search of things Alice related. So every time I see a new adaptation or retelling I practically trip all over myself to get it, this was no exception.


The wonderful thing about Espinosa’s adaptation is that it’s fairly straightforward and takes the most memorable moments of the book and illustrates them. Of course if you are like me, you sort of enjoy all the twists and turns Alice is forced into so it was a bit too simple, but this is perfect for younger readers who have an interest in the whimsical classic.


I personally love the art style because of it’s similarity to that of manga art work, especially when Alice makes goofy faces. I ended up getting quite a laugh because of the Mad Hatter who looks eerily similar to a very short Jay Leno. The use of color helps to get the feel and mood across, so if you don’t know the story or the trouble she gets into then it sort of cues the emotions you would get in the full text book.

I’d certainly consider buying this for the middle grade aged readers who are hesitant to read the actual book. It doesn’t pull in all of the story so that they can easily hop into the text and get more than they experienced in this one…it’s also a fairly good companion piece for the book.


I received this book through Netgalley.com in exchange for an honest review.

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