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In Darkness We Must Abide Read Along- Episode 1

Death Comes Home  - Rhiannon Frater

I’ve never had the chance to read Frater’s other books so I jumped at the chance to do a read along with Contagious Reads for her new serial series.


I felt that the opening was pretty strong and I loved how it draws you into the mystery of Venora’s life. Most of this is a flashback and it gave me some of the details I began to crave after that initial taste. I will say that I guessed early on what was going to happen but despite that I was still hooked and devoured this in about 20 minutes. The setting is dark and has a very gothic feel to it, and since some of my favorite books come from that genre I felt very at home with it. The vampire featured in this one is chilling, manipulative, and ruthless; just the way they should be. I really liked Vanora, she’s beyond her years and yet at the same time she has a bit of childish wonder about her. While I wasn’t overwhelmed by the story itself I loved the way Frater presented it, and with the way it ends I’m definitely looking forward to more!


Read-a-long Discussion: First Impression


In the prologue we meet Armando, what is everyone’s thoughts on him?

He is definitely someone who has left a noticeable imprint on her life…an imprint with haunting eyes.

First impressions of the Socoli family:

I’m actually not sure on that. I like them because they seem close knit and I don’t see many siblings who are really close in fiction, but at the same time I don’t find myself fond of them individually. Vanora is definitely my favorite of the three. Roman is stubborn would do well to at least listen to his sister Alisha. Alisha I find to be a very curious individual but she’s a bit…jumpy.

What was the most spine chilling moment?

For me it would definitely be the scene when Vanora is struggling to wake up in her bedroom.

A vampire tries to break into the house. Would you risk leaving your safe room in order to check on loved ones, or call on the phone?

Is it bad that I have to say it depends? It does though and I guess that makes me a bad person, but there are those I’d risk everything for and others that I’d probably try to call on the phone. We’re talking supernatural beings that survive by harming humans, I would like to think I’m allowed to be picky in this case. (I’m probably still not a good person,lol).


Make sure to stop by Lori’s post on Parajunkee! Rhiannon is giving away 5 ebooks of episode 2!