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Gen 2 - Shige Nakamura, Arisa Karino, Yu Suzuki This continues the same stories found in Gen #1 and they seem to remain fairly consistent in quality.Wolf is now focused purely on Haoto and his up coming fight with his father. We do get to see the source of all the anger and animosity, as well as why his father left. I am a bit confused about Shaoto’s story and if it will be continuing or if it was just a means to an end. I rather liked the goofy character so I’m hoping he shows back up at some point. The story remains pretty decent though as does the art style.Vs. Aliens is getting even more weird. The alien plot around Sakuma is really amping up as truths are revealed and enemies are being defined. I am really curious as to why the aliens are after Sakuma and her mother, and I really look forward to seeing these three on the run in Volume 3.Kamen is finally becoming more defined as a world and it’s fairly interesting one. It’s set in a sort of fuedal era and there is definitely some political battles going on between the fuedal lords and their families. We get to know more about Lord Simba, who is a very strong and enigmatic woman that I’m very curious about. We also get a tiny bit more info on the mask, but not a ton.Souls is still hard to follow unfortunately. We get to see the main character, the soul reaper of sort, teach Okuni about the soul of her daughter and just what caused it to become so angry. We get a really good look at the past of Okuni and her daughter. However I still don’t understand if this is a story about this one family or the soul reaper.I’m also still having trouble getting use to the unique art.Overall it’s still a decent manga and a pretty quick read for those who are looking for something interesting and cheap to fill up some free time.