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This Girl  - Colleen Hoover To me This Girl has put added faith in Colleen Hoover’s story-telling skills. I don’t like reading books that relay on nothing but a POV change, because usually they are the same story and then I’m stuck slogging my way through something I’ve read before. However while This Girl is essentially Slammed from Will’s point of view it still managed to pull me in.This Girl is meant to shed light on how Will dealt with everything Slammed, and we do get to see just how much he was invested in Layken and her family. It’s set up so that it is Will sharing a few moments with Layken during their honeymoon, so it’s not all a rehash of Slammed. In fact we get some new moments. I can’t say that it pulled me in the same way that Slammed did and it definitely had to do with knowing what happens, but it also had to do with Layken. In Slammed I didn’t really mind her, but my love for her waned in Point of Retreat and This Girl didn’t do her any favors. She’s by no means a perfect girl but her selfish attitude is almost unbearable at times. There were a few moments where I just had to sit there and fume over how much of a brat she’s capable of being. Will is still fantastic and I really enjoyed seeing the reasoning behind his reactions and just how much contact he had with Julia over the course of that first. The ending is what really got me though. It’s incredibly sweet and I loved seeing how everyone’s lives turned out.I will say that this book doesn’t feel ‘necessary’ to the story of Layken and Will, and those who have read the previous two books might feel a bit disenchanted by this point. However if you truly loved the books then definitely go for it, especially if you love Will’s character.