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Limerick  (The Shimmer Trilogy, #2) - Kimberly Spencer Limerick is the second book in the Shimmer Trilogy, a novella book series that I find to be surprisingly addictive. Jensen had a lot of info dropped on her in book one and she went straight into the deep end of the reality of her life, that she is half Fae and her family isn’t who they claim to be. Jensen retains that bravery she showed from the first book and puts it to use. Her voice is also really good and I enjoyed her personality for the most part, since she’s the narrator it makes the book really easy to read and get into. I really like the inclusion of the Lady of the Lake myth and it’s really interesting to see how that pans out. There is also a variety of fantasy creatures involved in this one, including Dragons though they do take a much more human appearance of course. I wish that some of the creatures had been explained a bit more, I think the book would have been better for it. There were also a few issues with the romance and the resulting quarrels that came with it, because it honestly just didn’t work for me. Of course there is also the matter of the cliffhanger…which drives me crazy! I love that they keep me interested but at the same time I hate that it cuts off with no answer, ugh. Overall I think it’s a promisingly series and while it has it’s issues I enjoyed it for what it is, though if more was added to the book I wouldn’t object because I think it would benefit from a tad more depth.