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Priestess of the Nile (The Gods of Egypt, #1) - Veronica  Scott When I first saw this my first reaction was to quickly request and devour it as soon as I could, I adore ancient Egypt and the gods that went with the culture. Then I realized it was a short story and I swear I nearly cried. I'm starved for this kind of plot, and I finally get a taste. It was definitely worth it too, and I know I'll be craving for more.This is actually a fairly sweet story which surprised me given that Sobek is not a sweet kind of god. He's tough and feared, and takes the form of a crocodile. I think that in part was pulled off thanks to the wonderful character Merys. She's devoted and despite the short amount of pages you do feel for her. She brought out the best in Bek that he didn't even realize he had. The plot was fairly straight forward with a few turns here and there, but nothing too surprising. Even though I saw it coming I did like the end, and I do wish there had been more. I had some minor issues with the writing style, but I did get use to the flow after a few pages and settled right into it. I do wish that this had been longer and expanded upon, at 21000 words this was like a tantalizing taste of something larger and more delicious. I understand it's a short story, but this has a lot of potential to be a truly wonderful novel if it were lengthened. I can only hope that Scott will think about publishing a full length book like this, I will certainly read it. I received this from Carina Press and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.