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The Demon of Gloamingspark Yard - Eldritch Black The Demon of Gloamingspark follows the ever happy and quirky Professor Thistlequick as he attempts to buy a rather illegal seed in order to further his amazing experiment, however he gets way more than he bargained for. I rather enjoyed Thistlequick, he’s certainly a unique man and full of his own sort of charm. It was easy to picture him walking around with a happy bounce in his step and a rather childlike way of seeing the world around him. The writing has a wonderful mix of detail and whimsy that brings back memories of stories I read as a kid and earned this story an immediate re-read. Eldritch really paints the story and gives its it a life of it’s own. I’d love to be able to browse around the hidden shop and see all it’s curious odds and ends. I wouldn’t call Demon of Gloamingspark terrifying, though it may be for the intended younger audience, but it definitely had some moments where I was uneasy or uncertain on how things would go for Thistlequick and I can’t help but wonder what becomes of those involved. Though the story does wrap up nicely and is complete, I’d love to see more about Thistlequick and the curious people he meets during his shopping trip.