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The Iron King (The Iron Fey, #1) - Julie Kagawa I thought this to be a wonderful and fun book to both listen to on audiobook and actually read. I simply must give props to the reader for the audiobook, she has a lovely voice and does each character wonderfully. Her voice for Grimalkin made me think of a more prim and proper Cheshire Cat, more like the Cheshire from American McGee's Alice. And of course Kagawa made the Fae world so vibrant and real, her choice of wording really helped to bolster the story as well.I found that this is one of those young adult novels that while it clearly has some themes a lot of people don't really want to expose to their teens (gang rape...no it doesn't happen but it is mentioned twice or the gore involved) it is done is such a way that while horrible, or somewhat explicit in nature it doesn't come off as over done or smutty. It's done in a rather tasteful way. Where as other young adult novels like to make things very pretty and erotic, or absolutely dirty and terrible. There is no nice medium. There is also a large vocabulary involved, which to me is surprising considering the target audience. I know it's wrong to say that those reading the young adult genre tend to fare best on the same ol' language but that's exactly what you find in most YA books. The same drab and simple language, this book actual gives you variety and made me feel better for it. Also the Fae are not "dumbed" down either, they are still the rather dark and yet mystifying beings they are portrayed to be in lore.As for the story, I found it very original and refreshing. I could tell a lot of thought went into this and I want nothing more then to gush about all the little details involved but I won't because I'm sure I'd spoil things for you. The main character, Meghan, is almost your typical girl but she feels a little fresher, and of course there is seemingly a love triangle involved but thankfully it's not at the forefront as it is in so many other novels. It's important, yes, but it's not sooo important that it's ll that matters. Puck is as fun as you'd expect him to be if you're familiar with Midsummer Night's Dream, and Ash is the dark and dreamy guy who seems typical but as with Meghan feels a bit fresher. I loved the way Kagawa incorperated the Fae into 'our' world, and how they affect each other.Overall this was a really thought and enjoyable book. I definitely recommend this to those who enjoy YA paranormal books, as well as those that enjoy Fae fiction. I'm really glad I had the chance to read this.