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The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa Oh how good it is to be back in the twisted and destroyed world that Kagawa has created. No matter how many books I read about vampires who are super sexy or swoon worthy I always wish that they’d show a bit of fang and show how dangerous they can be. Superficial danger isn’t the same, because there is a difference between a person showing a side just for the excitement and a person who has to stop themselves from tearing out the throat of the person they love. Kagawa nails it perfectly with the vampires in her series, because that danger isn’t something that you can overlook even for a moment.Eternity Cure starts a few months after Immortal Rules ends and we find Allie on her way to find her sire Kanin. When I finished Immortal Rules I would have never guessed at how emotional this installment would be, there was already so much that Alli had to go through and give up. Kagawa has made the world so much darker and added so much more pain that my heart aches a bit. The first book had a ton of action but this one really ups the ante, there is just so much that happens in between the first and the last page.We also get to find out some more of the history about the plague, Kanin, and Jackel. Kagawa really threw me for a loop a few times with this one, there are some serious twists and turns in it that I didn’t see coming.Alli has grown so much since she was first turned in IR, and she continues to find herself through out this one. She is still the tough girl with kick-ass sword but she’s learned so much. She’s such an awesome character, and she’s not so caught up on self-loathing that she can’t function. She’s more than willing to do what she needs to but at the same time she has her humanity. We also get a chance to see more Jackal…oh man…I hated him in the first book. He was smug and really thought he was some sort of gift to the world, and I suppose he’s still every bit as smug and arrogant but I kind of like him now. Well not all that much, he’s still a disgusting and arrogant guy but I’m starting to enjoy his quips and his snide attitude toward Allison. He makes some of the otherwise dire situations a bit lighter, even though his humor is twisted. We also get to see Sarran again (of course), who seems to have decided to up his level of crazy.I’m not even sure what to do with myself now that it’s over, and knowing the third book is so far off is enough to make me want to just hibernate until I can function again. If you enjoyed the first book then please…please…please go read this one, you won’t regret it!I received this in exchange for an honest review.