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Doctor Who: The Forgotten (Doctor Who (IDW)) - Tony Lee, Pia Guerra, Stefano Martino, Kelly Yates With the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who slowly getting closer (but not by much, it’s only April after all) what better way to get ready than with a graphic novel that shows all the Doctors in their glory? The Forgotten is exactly that and I think any Whovian would really enjoy this one.The Doctor (Ten) and Martha have found themselves in a rather strange museum where all the displays are dedicated to the Doctor’s long life. All starts out rather normally but he starts to loose his memories and all of the things he pointed out to Martha now mean nothing to him, and to make matters worse someone is trying to harm him. So one by one he must recover the memories of his past incarnations.As most of the new Whovian haven’t had many chances to watch the older incarnations it’s a nice little intro to their personalities and what the Doctor was going through at the time. There is a flashback devoted to each Doctor, 1 through 9, and you even get to see his companions in action too. Though maybe not in a way you expect. I thought it was really amazing to see Ten deal with all the memories that he normally doesn’t talk about, and how seeing his old companions really affects him. I couldn’t help but feel for him, there is so much heartache that he has to go through very quickly as he remembers those he left, those who left him, and those who died. We even get a nice little treat towards the end that has me really looking forward to see what they do with the 50th anniversary special.By now most know that I’m not fond of artist shifts so it should be no surprise when I say I wasn’t fond of it here. All of the art is solid but it’s different styles and I like consistency in a single story. However it doesn’t detract from the story and I would still say that this is a must for all die hard Whovians (if you like graphic novels). It’s a fun read and you get to find out some rather interesting tidbits.I received this in exchange for an honest review.