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Mass Effect: Invasion - Mac Walters, Omar Francia, John Jackson Miller, Massimo Carnevale This is certainly one graphic novel I'm going to try and find when I get the chance, it's worth owning and re-reading. It's no secret I'm a big fan of Mass Effect and any chance I get to find out more from that series I take it without hesitation. This book gives you some insight on Aria T'Loak of Omega's situation after the 2nd game, which if you haven't played the 3rd game will definitely make you super curious as to what's going on in a larger sense. Seeing as I have played the 3rd game I know exactly what's going on and when it takes place, and it doesn't detract from it at all. Seeing as Aria mentions this particular storyline in the game it's kind of one of those great "ah-ha" moments where you get to fill in the blanks. I also loved the mentions of Earth history, kind of cool considering they are so advanced and wrapped up in their own problems you would think they've forgotten all about it. The mini-comic in the back about James is also pretty cool. It's set farther back in the story though, but it's still nice to get some extra info. I didn't quite get why he freaked out in the beginning but other than that it was pretty good for something so short. Kind of like a teaser really. Great artwork and great story, I definitely look forward to more. I received this from Dark Horse and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.