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Mass Effect: Homeworlds - Mac Walters, Jeremy Barlow, Patrick Weekes Calling all Mass Effect fans! If you love the series then you have to read this…even if you’re still made about ME 3′s ending, read it. This includes four stories about four different teammates, and they all touch on something that you’ve probably wondered about. For instance: What did Garrus really go through after ME 1? What was Tali’s story before you found her? How did Liara end up on Mars? Why is James Vega so committed and what is his story?This gives light to all of those, and a little more in some cases. My personal favorite of the four is Garrus’ story, which should be no surprise since he was a constant teammate when I played the game. Shepard didn’t go anywhere without Garrus watching her back, if one was without the other…then I probably died or had a tough go at the mission. This story gives you insight on Garrus’ time in C-Sec, his family, and his stint on Omega as Archangel. It’s the kind of background that reenforces the fact that he’s my favorite; he’s tough, stubborn and caring…and even when the odds are against him he’s one badass Turian.Liara and Tali’s stories are in a tie for second. I really liked finding out what exactly Tali went through on her pilgrimage and how much trouble she found herself in before Shepard showed up. There is also a good bit in it about her father that you never find out in the games, and that unfortunately she never got the chance to hear. It’s a touching story and if anything it made me proud of the character. Liara’s story goes through how she ended up on Mars looking through the Prothean data, and in the process you are introduced to something we didn’t get a chance to see in the games, a Drell city…it’s not much but it kind of broadens the ME horizons and makes that corner of the universe a bit more real. Vega’s story is also really good, but since I didn’t really delve too much into his character on the game I didn’t really get all that into his story. It does it explain why he’s so focused though, and you can’t help but feel for the guy…it’s nice insight on his life in the Citadel before he joined the military. I don’t think there is a person a live who would blame the guy for joining the military and getting as far as possible from his father.I’d say this is a must for any hardcore ME fan out there. It holds details you won’t find in the games, and it makes the experience richer.I received this from Dark Horse and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.