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The Jaguar Prophecies - Phyllis Gunderson Overall I really enjoyed this book, and I kind of knew I would. It's filled with things I personally enjoy a lot and practically jump at the chance to read about. You have archaeology, history, end of the world theories, and the Maya. I was practically squirming with anticipation when I got it in the mail.At first look the topic might seem loaded, hard to understand, or even boring but it's surprisingly face paced and gripping. While some things of the science nature might go over some people's head, it does not take away from the story and you catch on pretty quickly about what's going or being said. I enjoyed the amount of research put into this book and really liked the fact that I could search the internet and find more information about it if I wanted to. For those who think this book might be a one-note "doom and gloom" story I can assure you it's not. There is a depth to it that makes it much more 'real' despite the shortness. The character's developments throughout the story has a "natural reaction" feel to the things she is faced with and slowly finds out. I had feared that she would be one of those characters that finds out something terrible and immediately jumps into it full force. I'll actually probably read this one again at some point.Overall I would recommend this book to other in the subject. As a fan of history and archaeology I suppose I was naturally drawn to it but I could say with confidence that others would also enjoy it.