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First Grave on the Right - Darynda Jones I’m so happy I finally got a copy of this book since I’ve been hearing good things about the series since it came out last year. I remember thinking I could hold off on it because it would be just another paranormal mystery series that I would have to catch up on, but now I’m a bit mad at myself for not grabbing this sooner.The opening chapter gives you a good taste of what to expect from this book. Right away you get the snarky humor of Charley, a small teaser of heat, and a pretty good idea about what kind of trouble this woman can get into. At first I wasn’t sure I was going to like Charley, she took a bit time to get use to but once I did she had me laughing out loud.Each of the characters clearly have their own personalities and I could imagine the whole cast with no real trouble. Cookie, Charley’s friend and assistant, was probably my favorite side character due to her own larger than life personality. Reyes is probably the quietest male I’ve seen in a book recently, but he definitely knows how to demand attention. I wish he had talked just a tad more but it’s rather clear he doesn’t need to, he’s got a whole lot going for him. The ghosts are fantastic and each one is just as vibrant as the living the characters in this book, in fact they are not much different…though some seem to have lost that control “filter” that keeps them from saying/doing hilarious things.The plot of the book is pretty fast paced, and if I hadn’t been so lazy I probably would have finished this in a day or so. There isn’t much downtime so all of the big questions that pop up are answered within a reasonable time, and by the end of the book most things are tied up pretty good. The lore that the book uses is refreshingly different in some aspects, and it’s a tad complicated but the author does a good job at explaining everything. I definitely see this as a series I’ll continue to read and I’m super curious to see how things will play out for Charley and the gang.