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Diary of a Mall Santa - Stewart Scott This turned out to be a lovely collection of very short stories about Stewart Scott's time working at as mall Santa. There are a wide variety of stories and musings; some are heartwarming, others are hilarious, some are sad, and then there are the ones that made me shake my head and wonder why people have children. It's odd but I've rarely ever thought of the mall Santa actually enjoying his job...which might have to do with the fact that I've seen some pretty miserable looking Santas. It's nice to know that there are those out there that truly do take the job seriously and they know how important that moment can be for a kid. I still remember a few of my visits with Santa, and even though I now know it was just a man in a fake beard, when I think back on it there is a sense of realness about it. He even includes some great advice about taking your children to visit the Santa at the store.It was definitely a refreshing read and I have to applaud Mr. Scott for being such a nice person. If you are looking for a Christmas read with a unique take then I'd recommend this.