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Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 5) - J.R. Ward As you can see in the summary we finally get to read about Vishous, or more commonly called ‘V’. It’s been a long time coming I think, especially after the last book where you find out his attraction to Butch. He’s such a staple character for the Brotherhood, I mean he makes their weapons and keeps up with security….he also helps with the clean up thanks to his nifty mind tricks. He didn’t disappoint to say the least. His history is heartbreaking and tough, and you can tell that it weighs heavily upon him even though V is a pretty stoic guy. Each little flashback was so revealing and I couldn’t help but feel for the guy, especially when you find out why he has his tattoos and where his powers came from. He finally finds out who is mother is and boy is she a disappointment in some ways, and even though she’s pretty much neglected him when he needed it the most she wants him to become the Primale and leave behind what he cares for.I really liked Jane Whitcomb, she’s pretty tough and doesn’t do submission. She’s also fairly intuitive and never once judges the Brothers even when she finds out the truth about them. The fact that V was attracted to another man or that he has a penthouse devoted to his rough sex life didn’t scare her off either, which I have to praise her for…because if I saw a room tantamount to a torture chamber (but cleaner) I’d beat feet out of there…or at least stay very close to the door. She just fits in with the Brotherhood really well, but I’m not really fond of the odd way things resolved with her…it just seemed off and little to forced.There is also some great moments for John as well, like his transition (finally!) and some macho bonding with Z. His story is kind of heartbreaking too and it’s nice to see that somethings are getting a bit better for him, especially now that he has the bulk to intimidate certain jerk-wad characters. And then there is Phury, who is on a downward spiral that I wasn’t expecting. I can’t wait to get to his book to see how his final decision in this one works out, I’m seriously hoping for the best for him. It seems like all of these guys have had their hearts ripped out at some point and I just want them to get the break they deserve.You can tell Ward writes these books carefully and adds all the emotion and love that she can. Each character is crafted in a way that tugs at your heart a bit. and the writing is downright addictive. I’m so happy I have the next book waiting on my shelf because I don’t think I can wait very long to start it, I simply have to know what happens to everyone next.