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City of Bones  - Cassandra Clare Okay so where to start... I guess I'll start by saying I really enjoyed this book a lot and thought the concept for the plot was really interesting and original. Now I know people would scoff at that and point out all the things that are "borrowed" from Stars Wars and the like (which I will touch on a bit later), but while yes there are some similarities that can't be ignored it doesn't bring the story down. It's still told really well and the overall concept is a new one for me. I enjoyed the new way of thinking about the Nephilim and demons (half and otherwise). The thought of the Fae, Vampires and Werewolves just being offshoots of demons isn't a new concept as far as history in concerned but so few authors actually incorporate that idea into their works.Now as for the characters. I really enjoyed Clary, Simon and Jace, they're banter back and forth was enough for me to find them easy to read about. They just click. Isabella and Alec I don't really care too much about. Alec got on my nerves with his constant nagging and Isabella is just a snob, I'm sure their is a nice part to her but she just got on my nerves.I don't want to ruin the book for anyone so I'll warn you now, SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT -> **************Now on to the similarities to Star Wars and the reason someone told me that this books was "just disgusting".For those not familiar with Star Wars I suppose you don't need to worry about similarities but for those who have watched it and know basic storyline you're bound to see some connections. (Besides the quote in the book that Simon says.) For instance, the daddy issue. Clary's dad just so happens to be the main evil guy but she doesn't know that until about 85% of the book is done, even though I guessed it pretty early on. So of course she's bound and determined to stop him, even after she finds out. There is also a character named Luke, Lucian actually, but he doesn't parallel the actual Luke. Now the "disgusting" part is what you find out about 90% in. Jace is Clary's...dun dun dun....brother, eeek. Talking about awkward. So yes if you've watch Star Wars you understand that awkward feeling you get when you find out, because Luke and Leia kiss. Well you kind of get that here too. I personally was not "disgusted" by it, sure I am no fan of incest and I find it gross in real life however in fiction it doesn't bother me unless sex and utter disdain for the fact occurs. That does not happen in this book. They start to care about each other, they kiss (twice), some stuff happens, they find out they are related, and then nothing. I'm interested in how they are portrayed in the second book, how they will deal with the tension and whatnot. Besides I'm not going to completely hate a book because of a few similarities and something I don't find out until the end. There are tons of books out there that are almost exact copies of one another, but some are good in their own right.I would recommend this but sparingly and with a veiled caution before hand.