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The Angels Are Here (Paradox, #1) - Patti Roberts Paradox is such a intriguing story and one that I have a hard time trying to explain. I enjoyed it half of it and the other half I was fairly confused about, so it left me wanting more but unsure if it would be worth it. It is important that you read the little blurb/summary before you start reading because it does help explain somethings that are not explained in the book itself.Robert’s writing style is what really hooked me, it’s rather artistic in it’s flow and quite enjoyable to read. However there are some areas in this book where the writing style brings it down, like for instance the character’s conversations. Some were great and others felt odd to read. The idea is pretty unique and I don’t think I’ve read an angel book quite like it, I just wish that somethings had been fleshed out and explained in more detail. The whole idea felt rather unfinished to me or at least that I was left out of the loop. There is one part of this book where I was simply astounded by the amount of emotion poured into it and I think that’s what brought this whole book up for me, the fact that I nearly cried gives it points…I don’t cry for fiction normally.Grace is a rather interesting character but I had a lot of trouble connecting to her and I believe that has a lot to do with her age. I found that her willingness to overlook the unusual when it was right in front of her rather…irritating. But I gave her a pass since the oldest she gets in this book is 12. I honestly have no idea who Juliette is in the actual story and I’m not sure if I just missed that part or if it’s never mentioned. The Fallen are a rather odd group of characters and I’m not sure where they fall on my likability scale. I was rather creeped out by the willingness to over look sibling ties.I was also fairly surprised at how the story would switch from a preteen’s point of view to that of a rather promiscuous fallen angel…I wasn’t quite sure how to take that in all honesty. I’m not sure how these two character relate to each other really and I am curious as to how they will link. I did enjoy the flashback’s in time I just wish that they were introduced a bit better and maybe expanded upon, or even explained. I assume a lot of these answers will be in the second one, or at least I hope so.I can understand if you are confused on why I would give this three stars if I have so many issues with it and I think that’s because despite the issues the author really has something with this. I suppose you could say that this is more of a 2.5 than an actual 3 star. It’s interesting but it needs some work, that being said it is one of the angel books that I’m actually curious enough to continue.