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Silver Knight - Caron Rider When I first read the little blurb I was one part worried and three parts in intrigued. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything about incarnation but I know it’s something that requires a deft touch to pull off without leaving out something vital to making it all work. I read the chapter sampler Caron provided and I knew immediately that I was hooked. It starts off a little slow as you learn about Diana but by the end of the first chapter I was completely engrossed in learning more about Diana’s past lives. I had so many questions and so I immediately agreed to review her book. I had to limit myself to 5 chapters a day though, just so I could make sure I got other things done around the house.The thing I love the most about this book was it’s perfect mix of mythology, history and unique storyline, I really enjoyed all the sections that delved into the characters’ past lives. Caron even gives the side characters some air time for their past lives and I can some of them were pretty brilliant. Diana’s were both really interesting and also kind of heartbreaking, thanks to Alexander. I can’t say I’m sure how I feel about Alexander, I know I like him but his past really makes me question if it’s wise to be anywhere near him. Their relationship is fairly complex and I enjoyed it, even if I couldn’t quite pin down exactly what Diana should do. I like when books make me think about all the outcomes that could happen, especially since it happens so rarely now in fiction. The actual storyline is fairly interesting as well, which not includes reincarnation but also demons. Which that just adds to the uniqueness of the story and makes the experience even more enjoyable. The demons themselves are really cool as well, and instead of just being the stereotypical demons they actually have various forms. I really want to know why Rome has a demon infestation though, it’s kind of killing me not to know. I also can’t wait to know more about the Bishop.Alot of this books takes on the task of world and character building so that you can clearly get a feel for what’s going on and who is involved. There were a few awkward feeling conversations here and there but it wasn’t anything that really bothered me, and it certainly didn’t stop me from devouring this book.Given all of the thought that went into all of the past lives and the set up for this story, I can’t wait to be able to read the second one. I can tell that it’s going to be great. This is one of those unique hidden gems that you only find once in a blue moon.