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The Last Vampire (Dark Season #1) - Amy Cross This is one of those short stories that you immediately want to know more about, but unfortunately it ends before you get any real answers. The main character is interesting enough, though she was fairly stupid at times. Here's an important reminder: If a guy "randomly" starts insisting vampires are real and asking you to help out, you should probably stay away from him. Patrick, the vampire, is by far the most interesting but he is also fairly frustrating since he doesn't talk (can't or won't, don't know). So in the end you know next to nothing about him, and even some of his little private monologue sections seem off. He seems childish because he doesn't talk, and there is a lot that would be easier if he just opened his mouth and said something. Overall the story was pretty interesting though, I think with around 50 more pages it could have really had some much needed details or fleshed out a bit of the story. Pretty decent for a free short story though.