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Fox (The Vendetta, #1) - Parrisha Martelly When I first saw the cover I knew I was going to read it and I was actually trying to win it from Librarything, but Parrisha was kind enough to give away 5 free copies to those who asked and so I received one. I'm very happy I did because I really enjoyed it, not to mention the cover is gorgeous! I wish I had a paperback copy just so I could look at it in person.Anyway, cover love aside let me talk about the actual story. The first thing about the summary that drew me in was the promise of mythology being incorporated, which if you don't know by now I am a fan of. Which it does but in a more obscure way. The world itself isn't terribly fleshed out so I never really knew if they were on Earth or someplace entirely different (I treated it as a different place). There are several races to get a feel for; the Blessed, the Fae, and humans. In all honestly I wasn't quite sure what the Blessed were exactly or what their origins were. They seem like Fae but it is stated they are not, and from their name I also assume they are simply humans who are 'blessed' with abilities. That aside I really liked the abilities that a few of the Blessed showed off. The Fae were really interesting and I liked their culture. The Greek mythology involved is basically untouched save for a few major things that seem like they will be fully explained more in a the next book. The fight scenes leave a little to be desired but they aren't terrible either. The main characters are really enjoyable and very relate-able. Fox is strong but at the same time she's also very much a venerable person, and I found that I could relate to her protective barrier. I was sure how I felt about Falcon most of the time but I knew I felt his frustration and I felt bad for him, and Onyx is extremely likable from the beginning. There is significant character development and the personal stories of each character is very well done. The story overall was wonderful and unpredictable, and the ending definitely has me wanting more. I really like when a book throws me off and I don't feel like I know what's going to happen, and that's exactly what this book does. I was surprised at how things turned out and I'm interested in knowing where they will go.The writing is fluid and works the plot perfectly, and I don't think I spotted any formatting issues or errors throughout either. This being Martelly's first book I'd definitely have to congratulate her on a job well done. Despite the things I mentioned that sound negative I do believe that this is a book worth reading, and the fact that the plot is a original and enjoyable earns it extra points with me. I do recommend this to anyone who enjoys fantasy novels, it's worth the money.