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The Lost Hero (The Heroes of Olympus, #1) - Rick Riordan I've come to love Rick Riordan's style of writing thanks to Percy Jackson, and now that he has moved on to Jason Grace's story I'm practically squeeing with excitement.It has the same flow and style of the first series but a few things are different. There are multiple points of view in this one, which is how the chapters are labeled in this book. It took me a moment to get into that aspect but after a few chapters I really enjoyed reading the other characters' point of views. It gives you more insight to what's going on. it has the same feel as the Percy as well where the characters are concerned, you have a trio of kids. 2 boys and 1 girl, that are similar to Percy's dynamic trio. The overall world from Percy Jackson connects directly to this as well, but instead of purely Greek gods Riordan has incorporated the Roman side of their personalities. I thought that was super creative, and was really impressed with the amount of creativity that it takes to come up with something like this.This for me was an awesome way back into the world Riordan originally created and seriously peaked my interest in where it's going to go. I have this in Kindle version but I really want it as a paper copy so I can read it again and hug it when I'm done.I do recommend this, but I must warn those interested in this book that if you have not read the Percy Jackson series DO NOT read this yet. It's part of the same story and you will be slightly lost if you do so. As with the other novels this is perfect for preteens, teens and adults.