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The Angel Experiment  - James Patterson To me this was sort of disappointing. I have seen James Patterson's name everywhere, not to mention the amount of rave reviews I've seen for his books. I was expecting writing that lives up to the amount of fans he has, but I didn't find that here. Don't get me wrong the plot is pretty interesting and original, but the writing was...elementary. If you've ever had to read a paper written by a kid in 5th or 6th grade then you've read the style I'm talking about. It's not terrible but it's certainly not worth raving about. It's simply too easy to read if that makes sense. The chapters are super short, about 3 pages max, so while I found it unnecessary it did make me read more then I probably would have normally in each sitting. All of this makes me uncertain as to weither or not I really want to continue with this series.The characters are...okay. They are interesting and kind of layered with some depth, but they are kind of annoying. There is character development throughout the story so that's a plus, and a little surprising given the style of writing. The interactions and conversations between the characters were off at times, but it's not consistently that way. The way the book ended makes me want to read the next one but I'm still skeptical.I think I'd recommend this for younger teens and preteens, since it's easy to read and on that reading level. Older readers I'm not sure would enjoy it quite as much.