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Fading Into Magic - Vone Savan I want to thank Mr. Savan for being kind enough to send me a copy of this book and for signing it. I’ve agreed to give an honest review in exchange.I read this book a lot faster then I had anticipated actually. I had planned to finish it the day of release but I actually managed to zip through this one so I had to delay the release of the review. First off I want to say I love the cover, the colors are really pretty and eye catching…and as an added plus the cover actually has relation to the story itself.I was really intrigued by the short sample that I read before agreeing to review this and was curious to see how it all would turn out. I had my trepidation about the ‘true love’ aspect of course. I assumed that the girl would fall in love with the guy at the very first opportunity given, and that this would go the way of so many other YA books. But alas she doesn’t! There is a time frame between them meeting and their confessions of love, and it’s a believable one. The time skips in the book are easy to follow as well and it doesn’t really feel like you’ve missed anything because Savan did a great job of explaining what had happened in a natural way. The characters are fairly enjoyable as well, and pretty realistic too. I especially enjoyed Maddy’s best friend Dara, who is pretty quick witted at times. The plot has a unique feel to it and I was quite expecting what was delivered, and I my interest has been peaked some more.I only have two complaints. One is I really wish that some aspect of the story were fleshed out more. For example I would have loved to have more on the relationship between Maddy’s Dad and Bianca, it kind of popped up and though there was some explanation I would have enjoyed more. The other complaint is how short the book is or at least how it feels. While somethings were paced at a believable rate and went along nicely, other things went by too quickly or too suddenly.I’ll definitely check out the second in the series when it comes out. I’d recommend this to those who enjoy a lighter paranormal fantasy novel, and since there really isn’t anything in the way of mature content this would be great for some younger teens as well.