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Starcrossed - Josephine Angelini This is such an awkward book to review, mainly because I'm really confused on how I feel about it. I like it but I really don't. It's frustrating.The premise is one that I, as I've said before , really enjoy. I love Greek mythology and I've come to love seeing authors intertwine their ideas in with the myths of old. This is an interesting concept and that's the part I really like. I love the idea of their being different Houses and that the Fates take such a direct approach to seeing things through. I like that it's a sort of weird retelling of old myths. But then there is all the things I didn't like...and they are many. I really didn't like Helen...or Lucas, they were really see through and as soon as they started on their trip down the inevitable 'love' road I knew exactly how things were going to play out. It's so frustrating to read about a relationship that they tell you is 'destined' but then they keep flip flopping all over the place. I also couldn't get a read on how Helen looked, in the first parts of the book she comes off as this awkward tall girl who is pretty...and then later on she's drop dead gorgeous. So in the end all I couldn't picture her at all. The personalities didn't come off as real either. Helen has no sense of curiosity the entire time people are clearly explaining things half way, and then she wants to be angry when she finds out something later. Apparently the concept of asking questions is one that doesn't apply to a fictional world. She's also incredibly selfish and has her "Bella" moments when it comes to Lucus.I think this may have been said before but to me this book comes off as a weird mash up of Percy Jackson and Twilight. I would lay out a huge comparison for you but that would involve a lot of spoilers. Some however are obvious. For the Percy Jackson aspect you have the different Houses, you have the demi-gods, you have the abilities and some minor characteristics that match up.The main similarity between Twilight and this is the writing. It's super simple and the quality of writing is low, but unlike the others it's super slow. It took me weeks to get into this book, and then after awhile I was only reading so I could finish. So I'm at odds with this book and I'm not entirely sure I'll read the next one when it comes out.I would only recommend this to Twilight fans really since the feel is similar. I know tons of other people have loved this book so make sure to look at other reviews before making a decision.