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Dreams of the Ringed Vale (Luthiel's Song, #1) - Robert Fanney After a tremendously long wait to actually get a hold of this book I finally managed to download it to my Kindle, and got to read it. I can honestly say that I wasn't disappointed at all, I loved it! This is an epic fantasy novel that has a light feel to it. I know that sounds odd, but when I think of epic fantasy I tend to feel a slight weight of all the details. This doesn't have that weight, and in a way it seems almost effortless in the way it weaves it's story. The world has a rich history and brings it's own personal depth that helps solidify the plot and makes it feel real. The characters themselves also have depth and are easy to feel for. Luthiel is a wonderfully strong and brave girl who does what needs to be done to ensure the prosperity of the people. She's realistic in her description and reactions to all that reveals itself to her, and that has made her one of my favorites. It's refreshing to see a main character who isn't over dramatic or overly tough, she's simply a normal girl dealing with what she's handed and she hands it in a way that's inspiring. My other two favorite characters are Othalas and Ecthellien. All the characters have their own depth and energy in the story but those two are fantastic and I felt myself extremely attached to them by the end. The creatures are different then in other epic fantasies that I've read as well, while some may be famliar in some way they are portrayed in an original light or given personal back stories that make you set them aside as different.Overall this is beautifully written book and Fanney created a wonderful girl in Luthiel that provides an example of the strength that is touching and aspiring. I recommend this to fantasy fans and those who enjoy a strong realistic main character.