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Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick Okay let me start off by saying this book has me seriously confused as to how exactly I feel about it. But in any case, I still disliked quite a bit.As I’ve seen this is one of those popular books that I find to be on the crappy side. I love books that incorporate gods,demons,angels and so forth so I was honestly looking forward to this. Besides the cover is gorgeous and I would own this only because it’s pretty. However it didn’t really translate to the book. The prologue was interesting and caught my attention but then when it got to the main story it slowed down soooo much. To the point where I simply disliked it because it hadn’t gotten to the point, and by the middle of the book i was still as lost (if not more so). The main character Nora and her best friend Vee are raging idiots to top it off. Nora is the typical “normal” girl you find in these books, and she of course is conflicted because the bad boy she says she has no interest in is showing interest in her. Okay so far it’s the same as everything else. But then you add in the confusing “someone is after her” storyline and then it’s different, but it takes literally the whole book to figure what is going on…I mean I love mystery novels and suspense but this wasn’t suspenseful it was downright annoying. If you suspect someone of something a long the lines of murder or attempt murder do you make a habit of crossing paths with them? Or for that matter “fall” for them? I mean does she have Stockholm Syndrome? I mean I guess I’m missing the romantic connotations here but I just didn’t get it at all. And Vee is just stupid, enough said. Patch is…annoying first and foremost. I understand he’s suppose to be dark and sexy, and sure I suppose he is but uuuughhh. And the nickname “Patch” didn’t work for me either, it’s childish and didn’t fit in with the book. As for actual plot it was slow moving and at times extremely confusing and for me frustrating. You find out that someone is actually the bad guy…and then that he’s not “THE” bad guy so it’s okay, but now there is also a second bad guy who is there to shake things up but is apparently not “THE” bad guy either…so finally you learn who exactly the main bad guy is and the other bad guys become good or disappear and the story is done.I guess I can recommend this to Twilight fans, seeing as I haven’t met a Twilight fan who didn’t like this book. If the review seems confusing that’s because the book felt the same way too me. Overall I didn’t like it and I don’t think I’ll read the second one unless it comes my way for free.