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The Dead Girls' Dance (Morganville Vampires (Pb)) - Rachel Caine Alright so, this took me a long time to get through even though it's only 248 pages long. I am very disappointed in this one actually, it didn't hold up to the standards I had from the first book. Instead it kind of took those standards and tried soo hard to live up to them but ended up just falling face first into the mud. Okay maybe not mud that would have been too entertaining. Point is, this kind of sucked.Allow me to clarify a point about the title and description. The Dead Girls' Dance is not a big part of this book, in fact it doesn't even occur until about 75% in and then it only lasts about a chapter. I really can't stand when authors take a small part of a story and then center their title and description around it. You go in expecting something and instead you get crap.I realize I sound harsh but in a way I hope so. In this book I've discovered a few things. 1) I hate Eve, she's a bitch to everyone and is extremely annoying. 2) The arguments in this book are suppose to have a point but they are over fought and come off as stupid. 3) The author had the basics of a story, meaning the outline for the plot and the characters but apparently she didn't have enough so a crap load of filler arguments were added. 4) It all seems like it's trying to hard. It's that kid that wants so badly to fit into some group that they over act everything and come off as a bigger outcast then they were before. 5) You can have only so many slimeballs in a book before suddenly there are too many and it becomes increasingly stupid and dull. So basically I didn't like it. I'll try the third on out but if it is the same drivel as this one I think I'll just wait to read the others.I can't say I recommend it really.