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Sanctum's Breach (Delver Magic, #1) - Jeff Inlo Overall this was a fairly enjoyable book. It's a pretty standard high fantasy experience that you find so much of now. It has all the basic elements that were set by Tolkien: the journey and the coming together of different races to finish a task that is meant to save the world. The races are fairly standard as well (elves, dwarves, humans) but there are two different races that are fairly intriguing called the Delvers and the Algors. I can't say I understand what makes a Delver a Delver except for the ability to access things quicker and move quicker, apparently they appear human except for their height. The Algors are pretty cool and I wish there were more of an explanation to them. Sometimes the explanations of things were repetitive and far too detailed each time mentioned, but at the same time a lot of the details really brought parts of the story to life. Considering the severity of their quest I didn't expect it to be all in one book, however it was and there were times where the journey seemed rushed (time skips) which threw me off a little. Though it's not entirely original it was enjoyable and I didn't have trouble trying to finish it.