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Wicked Lovely  - Melissa Marr As with so many other young adult paranormal books I expected it to be on the shallow end but it really wasn't. I really like the change in pace with the use of the Fae court, it's fairly original in storyline. I was a little surprised with the level of sexual content at first though, not entirely use to that in "young adult" novels. Rating aside it is an interesting storyline with a likable and strong female lead. I was also pleased with the way that it ended, a little surprised at the lack of a cliff hanger since series typically thrive on them but I'm kind of glad she didn't add one because I have enough to read at the moment without feeling like I'm missing out on something. Some parts were a little see through in the plot but it didn't really detract from the interest level. I did find it a bit stereotypical that with the type of the school she was in that her and her friends were the typical "bad" girls. Overall really good book though and I look forward to reading the next one.