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Glass Houses - Rachel Caine As with most young adult vampire fiction I had my doubts about how this was going to stand up to the hype surrounding it. Surprisingly this is one of the few that do live up to it. It's nice change of pace to the "vampires are hot! turn me" crap that is all over the place, don't get me wrong I adore the creatures and have since I was little but it gets old when they are always tortured souls looking for the perfect match in some whiny human girl. The main character is likeable as are Eve, Shane, and Micheal. It's also nice that they main character isn't in high school so the maturity level is up a bit, and there is a whole lot less teen drama. I love the concept of the town of Morganville, the college, and their system that they have going on. The plot promises a lot and I really hate the fact that it left off on such an epic cliffhanger, I'll definitely try to find the second one because I simply MUST know what happens.