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The Accidental Demon Slayer - Angie Fox Overall I was not impressed with this at all. The main character was...alright, a bit annoying though. Some of the other characters had their redeeming qualities but for the most part they seemed to be forced. I didn't really like the concept of spells being something you can literally pick up, bribe, and scare. The storyline had some promise but the way the characters talk kind of ruins it. It was kind of anti-climatic as well, it built up so much hype about Vald and then he turns out to be a blabbermouth who wasn't all that scary. She went on and on about training but there was little to no training and yet she managed to do everything she was expected, so it felt really flat as far as character development. I don't know if I'll read any of the rest of them, I definitely won't be buying them.