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Breaking Dawn - Stephenie Meyer *lets out a big sigh of relief* I finally...FINALLY...finished this series. Alright so let's see if I can pull off a review without complaining too much *crosses fingers and inhales deeply*Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer is the fourth installment in what is known as the Twilight Saga. Which (if you haven't seen or heard anything about it) is a series based around a young girl (woman) named Bella Swan and her relationships with the neighboring supernatural population. Of course there is always more to it than that. She becomes close with a specific family of vampires known as the Cullens or the Olympic Coven due to her ever growing relationship with Edward. She also becomes best friends with a werewolf named Jacob and thus gains the friendship or at least camaraderie of his pack. Over the course of the series Bella (and Edward) have been the targets of many attempted murder ploys, and finally it comes down to one last show of strength against the one group that scares Bella more than anything, the Vultori.The plot line and the writing style is the same as the rest of the series, and it keeps with the fluidity and ease. The first thing most people will notice is the sheer volume of the book and it's no illusion, this books comes in at 754 pages in it's hardback edition. Now seeing as the story is an easy one to read the size isn't as daunting as say a book of epic fantasy and if the storyline grabs you you can easily speed through a good 300 pages within the first few days. All the characters remain true to themselves through the book despite some changes here and there, and the reader is introduced to even more people and information that can catch the reader's interest. There are some slow spots that will drag on a bit, and that's where you'll notice the size of book in general. Overall in a outside stand point the book is interesting, some of the characters are relate-able or in the very least likable (and vise versa, you can definitely feel dislike for a few of them as well). If you've gone as far as Eclipse in the series there isn't really all that much reason to avoid Breaking Dawn, it gives it some sense of closure.Now...on to my opinion. I thought about doing this in a sort of play-by-play, it seemed like a lot of fun to do and the ones I've seen were enjoyable to read. However I only made it half way through the book with this before I just stopped all together, yes it was fun but I also had way to many "plays". I'll put a few on here just for the heck of it though. CAUTION! THERE ARE SPOILERS AFTER THIS POINT!P.1 - *sigh* Here I go...let this go quickP.6 - Seriously?! He got her a temporary million dollar car. As if getting a permanent one wasn’t dumb enough.P. 25 - Oh give it a rest Bella! Do I have to keep reading about how hard it is to keep your damn clothes on?P.33 - Ooo vampire children...admittedly interestedP. 58 - This isn't going to end well...P. 67 - It didn't end well.P.70 - Yep, being dragged off again. Why can't she just follow when she's told toP. 85 - *rolls eyes* Maybe her hormones will die down...P. 87 - And here comes Edward's emotional over protective tirade...P.89 - Could this guy get anymore dramatic?P.123 - Great soap opera drama...she's pregnant isn't she...stupidP. 130 -Yep...well at least now I can stop reading about how she "wants" Edward for awhile. Also...why the crap is she showing already? There but be some paranormal explainationP. 133 - HA! He has issues....and he's a jerk.P. 139 - JacobP.174 - Good an explantationP. 274 - Wow...go baby! ...Sh! I'm secretly wishing it will keep breaking bonesP. 327 - Reneesme...I want to laugh at how stupid that is but the sheer annoyance is forcing me to just stare...P. 350 - And ew...did she have to go all exorcist during childbirth?P. 354 - Of course she's not going to die...I only hit the half way mark of the book. Here comes vampire Bella...joyP. 360 - Ah! No! Seriously!?P. 377 - When faced with the worst feeling ever, pain beyond all description and comparison, what would be the last thing on my mind? Not screaming so that poor old tortured Edward can feel better...P. 405 - She's immortal, she's apparently very beautiful...but hey she's Bella, she'll find a flaw.P. 420 - Everyone is impressed... I am notP. 449 - Poor Jacob...of course he doesn't care. He LOVES it! So freaking weirdP. 704 - Edward has anger issues that need to be addressed.P. 736 - Hmm mature by seven...wait wait....so does that mean she can marry Jacob at seven?! Is that legal?! wow...messed upP. 755 - The End...*tosses book on dresser and throws self on bed* finally...