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Blue Bloods - Melissa  de la Cruz Blue Bloods by Melissa De La Cruz is the first book in the Blue Blood series. Basically the whole books premise is about vampires who are in the highest platform of society, hence the double meaning of Blue Blood. It focuses on a group of young high school age kids that attend a prep school in New York that are slowly being drawn into the world of the Blue Bloods. However all is not well as they soon learn that something is targeting the Blue Bloods and they need to find out who.In general I'd say this book has a lot of potential. The author has a talent for writing and that much is very obvious, however you can also tell that she works for a fashion magazine because a lot of that talent goes into describing the clothes and possessions each person has. I found this to be annoying in general as it continues throughout the whole book, but it wasn't enough for me to hate it because it is written better then most teenage vampire books. This is like a combination of Gossip Girls and Vampire Diaries, so it has the possibility of being addictive. It's a very easy to read book regardless of the constant fashion talk and it's possible to get through it quickly. Also unlike other books it's written in 3rd person and doesn't focus on just one person which is a refreshing when it comes to adding variety to the plot. Another refreshing quality is the fact that it's not all about romance as it is in other teen vamp fiction, this has a plot that takes the front position and the romance is kind of a plus. The characters are relate-able on a caste type of level as they can come off as shallow or wishy-washy.Personally I'll give this book a 3 out of 5. Overall I did enjoy the book when it wasn't talking about the oh so fabulous clothing world. The plot to me was kind of different and there are a lot of different qualities to it that you don't find many places among the young adult genre. I must admit that for some reason that gossip factor of the book is kind of addicting no matter how much I think this to be on the lower scale of brain use, so that definitely gives it brownie points. I do like it more then Twilight which seems to be the basis for most comparisons these days, and I'll give the second book a go. However I must say that if the second book is on the same level as the first then there is a good chance I won't move on to the third, I enjoyed it but I don't think I can take a lot high elite gossip and fashion talk.