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Heist Society (Heist Society, #1) - Ally Carter I didn’t expect to enjoy the book very much, it seemed like an odd concept to me. However I was pleasantly surprised. I decided to listen to this on audio book version and really enjoyed it, possibly more. A few characters I know I wouldn’t have liked if I had simply read it, but having the voices for them really made me like nearly all the characters.Kat Bishop is a wonderful main character, and I thought her relationships with the other characters to be really believable. I also really loved Hale, he just oozes cool and is so smooth, and I’m glad with how his relationship with Kat was at the end of the book. The other characters are just as enjoyable and each have their own flare that they add to the group, overall even though they are different from one another they are the perfect team. The fact that she and her “family” are thieves never actually came off as unbelievable either, which is fairly impressive considering the scale of the robberies mentioned in this book. There is a lot of detail put into the book and it all helps add structure to the story, though the paintings mentioned aren’t real the history behind them holds some truth.I do look forward to the second one, and I really hope it holds up to the this one. I don’t really see this a series material even though I enjoyed it, so I’m curious to say the least. This is one of the few YA books that have truly matched up to the hype that surrounds them, and for once I’m actually happy I read it. It’s proof that not all YA is as mindless as it seems.The audio books narrator was wonderful though at first I doubted her talents, but when I got use to listening I realized that anyone who can do that many accents in a male-esque voice was talented. I might even listen to the second one.I do recommend this book too anyone who enjoys YA, or lighter crime fiction. It’s not to bad as far as maturity ratings go so it’s good for younger teens as well.