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Girls' Day Out - Jeanette Battista Girls’ Day Out is a fun little romp into a Men in Black type world, though instead of aliens we get demons and underworld creatures. The world-building is exceptionally detailed for such a short story. We get to see a nice variety of creatures and learn about the Balance and the Beauru which is essential to keeping everything in order and normal for the humans. T and J are set on taking a day off from keeping the world as it should be, and T decides on a spa day. Unfortunately not everything goes as planned and we get a humorous and action-y adventure to hunt down who is responsible for the attack. I really enjoyed the main characters, they are complete opposites and it adds to the humor. T is bubbly, happy and hyper where as J is extremely calm and a bit moody. They both have really cool powers and they both kick some serious butt. My main issue with this is the fact that we have to refer to them as T and J…and it’s really confusing at times. I had to re-read sections to figure out who was speaking and who was being attacked. I do wish this had been a longer story because it really does feel like there is more to the story. There is so much I want to know about who attacked them and why!