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The Fallen King (In Darkness We Must Abide, #8) - Rhiannon Frater If you have not read the first season or previous episodes of In Darkness We Must Abide then this review may contain spoilers.Rhiannon is the master of drawing you in, giving you what your hoping for, and then finding a way to crush you. As the danger approaches and the event we’ve been waiting for draws closer I’ve been all over the place. I want Vanora’s happiness…but at the same time if she had that then the story wouldn’t be nearly as good. So with everything that happens to her I find myself cringing and immediately looking for more.I’m really anxious to see just how everything comes together and how everyone is going to deal with the oncoming darkness. Armando is as yummy as ever and with his loyalty to Vanora is has a lot of work cut out for him, more than normal. Carlotta makes me nervous with her lively and selfish personality, but I’m more than a little curious to see how she deals with everything coming up. We also get to see some friendly faces that we haven’t seen since Vanora left her home like adorable Miss Robins and Angel.By the time I was done devouring all of this I was kind of aching for Vanora, that ending!! I’ll anxiously be waiting for the next episode even if it kills me.