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Virginia Day Zero - Sean Cregan Virginia Day Zero was one of my sleep deprived induced picks where I end up downloading Kindle books like they are going out of style. So I had no idea that this a side story to the novel Day Zero, nevertheless the short story does pretty well as a stand alone read. The only downside to not reading the novel first is that you don’t get the depth or the information about the odd creatures that have shown up. It did piqued my curiosity quite a bit though and I might pick up Day Zero eventually. The horror aspect is no really scary so much as it’s an adrenaline fueled race to survive and get away from the monsters, and seeing as this only has about 20 pages the ride is over quickly. I liked the interesting and unique monsters and I think the writing was actually really nice, it’s detailed enough and flows quickly. This isn’t a short story where you can expect to have all or most of your questions answered, in fact it really doesn’t explain much of anything, but I enjoyed it and didn’t really want it to end where it did.