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Tit for Tat - Delilah Fawkes A Pages of Desire reviewThis is a delightful little short story, and it is the perfect starting place for someone who has never read a f/f or m/m story. I love the premise and title of this, I find that it makes it a little more fun. The cover suggests that it is more f/f but I can assure that it is evenly split between m/m and f/f. I will give you fair warning on this though. Do not go into this look for a fantastic story, background or character development. This is basically a quick and dirty read, where the sex regins supreme. I did wish there were more to it, maybe a little more toward the set-up but these erotic shorts tend to be...extremely short. The sex scene is wonderfully written and totally yummy, doesn't disappoint...except maybe that there isn't more of them. The characters are basically the typical college kids experimenting but I did enjoy the chemistry between Sara and her best friend, and how it changes.This the perfect short spicy little read for those looking for a quick break.