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In Libris Veritas

Dire Warnings (In Darkness We Must Abide, #6) - Rhiannon Frater If you have not read the first season of In Darkness We Must Abide then this review may contain spoilers.Season 2 is here!! After the way episode 5 left me I was ready to devour this the moment I saw the email.Rhiannon is really getting things churned up for this season and I think it’s a great way to kick it off. The tension is getting much higher as Vanora deals with trying to move on from the horrible events of that Halloween night, living on her own, and to top it off the ‘mysterious albino vampire’. We get some of the answers we were looking for in the last season but not enough to sate that need.I’m really glad we got to see more of Aeron and Loreli in this one, as well as Vanora’s friend Rhonda. Rhonda provides that lightness that Vanora needs in her life and while she is a bit of a loon at times, I’m happy that she has her. I’m super curious about Aeron and his connection with Vanora. It’s not really explained in this installment but the subject is now out there and my interest is definitely piqued. I’m also super ready to see how things are going to develop with Roman and Alisha, and definitely with Armando (Episode 5 anyone?) I need him to make a bigger appearance soon, I need the swoons and also some danger. Swoony danger…yes.I’m also really like Vanora’s slow progress in terms of her natural abilities that were mentioned before, and with the hints that there is definitely more to come from her is really exciting.