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Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3) - Suzanne Collins Ah so this is the last one! I must admit that the fact that this was only a trilogy made me sad, even though I know having this as a full length series would get old. Despite my whining about the length of the series I felt that this ended the series perfectly.I think it goes without saying that this is just as quick paced as the other two. Which with the last book in a series you kind of don't want entirely because it means that it comes to a close quicker but to me it didn't subtract from the story at all. This one gives you more breathers throughout it but they don't last for terribly long before you are launched right back into the action. This once again uses the power of surprise to it's full extent and like the first I had to stop reading and ask myself if that really just happened. The ending itself seemed to fit perfectly, at least to me, but the events leading up to it were somewhat surprising. The emotion factor works full force in this one as well and by the end you'll feel as relieved, sad, and drained as Katniss does.I think that it's a good thing that these stories are as blunt as they are, it's rare that a book truly makes you feel some of the terror and adrenaline that is happening. Which is exactly what I experienced. As for how the Gale vs. Peeta thing turned out, I have to say I approve. It just made more sense in the end to have the two that ended up together be the way they are. I managed to read each book in a matter of two days each and I was sad to see them over with. The definitely have a re-read value in them and it can be recommended to most readers. But like I said before it's not for the light of heart at all, you probably shouldn't let your young kids read them either. I'd wait till about 15 or 16 for these particular books just based on the violence and storyline.