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The War of Mists (Luthiel's Song, #2) - Robert Fanney First off let me say while I love novels that can be considered epic fantasy there are few that I love within a few chapters, and there are even fewer that I get attached to and read in only a few days. To me that's a feat that needs to be mentioned and shows the amount of talent that Fanney possesses.This book is as rich as the first and it gives more life and depth to an already wonderful world. The plot has an interesting twist to it that made it even more interesting. I really enjoyed the direction in which Fanney took the story and how he incorporated the world's myths into the story. It adds even more depth and you get a better feel of how the people of this world see the events and how they feel about Luthiel, the Vyrl and the myths and legends involve. The characters has excellent development over the course of the plot, and you can truly get a feel for how everything has effected them and changed them. I will say that I did loose a favorite character of mine (no I won't say which one) and I nearly cried but I ended up gaining a few more, that while they didn't take his place exactly they did make a place for themselves and will stick with me. Luthiel continues to be a wonder and is just as strong as she was in the first book. I found myself a tad jealous of her strength and bravery in the face of something so large, and I loved when characters make me feel that way.Overall Fanney did a magnificent job with this book, just as he did with his first. I can't wait for the third one to come out because I'm dying to know what is going to happen.