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Crux by Moira Rogers

Crux  - Moira Rogers

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Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Series: Southern Arcana #1
Edition: Ebook, 256 pages
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
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Rating: 3/5


Crux is a quick read that takes us to New Orleans and also directly into a world that most don’t even know exists, the paranormal. We follow Mackenzie as she learns the truth about the world, herself, and those who are after her.


Crux is a combo of paranormal romance and urban fantasy and has the best of both genres; the mystery, the supernatural, and the steamy romance. The underground supernatural community has a cool little twist, while there are magic users and shifters no one believes in vampires! I find that to be rather cool, and one can’t help but wonder if they are actually out there or if they simply don’t exist. Either way I enjoyed the change of pace. The ‘bad guy’ in this is a pretty cold and calculated guy, byt I personally would have loved to see more about him or have a bit more build up.


Mackenzie is a pretty good herione with a rough life. She’s on the run from what she thinks are some rather insane men and after her whole ordeal she finds herself to be a jumpy, meek and skiddish woman. Mac’s growth from the first page to the last is enormous, and while I liked seeing her become more confident in herself  it did feel a tad quick. Jackson is a yummy southern gentlemen, with a great sense of humor and a protective streak. Also he can cook! *fans self* I loved the two together but I wanted more of the relationship development to be seen instead of mentioned, it would have adds some needed depth and given the romance a good boost. I’m really interested in seeing Nick and Derek’s stories because while we get a taste of who they are, we don’t get a whole lot of Derek in this one.


Overall I think this was a pretty quick and if you can get past the slow start it’ll make for a great summer sun kind of read. It only took me about 3 hours to polish this one off and I’m hoping to see more in the second book.