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Doctor Who: Series 3: Volume 1

Doctor Who Series 3 Volume 1: The Hypothetical Gentleman - Andy Diggle, Brandon Seifert, Mark Buckingham, Philip Bond

*Vworp vworp* This is my first foray into the world of Doctor Who graphic novels and I have to say I’m just okay with it. It’s still fun to read and it’s great seeing the Doctor during the long breaks that Moffat and the BBC force us to endure, but like with episodes this one is only okay.


There are actually different art styles in this and the difference is very noticeable, and while neither really bothered me there was something off about each of them that kept me from enjoying it. Once is more dynamic and serious and the other is very…eleven (for those unfamiliar with the reference, it’s kind of goofy and awkward). Then of course comes the stories themselves, which are fun but a bit forgettable.


Amy and Rory are ever in search of their vacation spot and of course the Doctor doesn’t seem to quite get it right, leading to trouble and fun. We even get to see Lady Christina again, unfortunately it would seem my review copy ended directly in the middle of that story and I didn’t get to read the conclusion. I think my favorite story in this one is the main story, Hypothetical Gentlemen, in which the Doctor take Rory and Amy to see the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park and finds some trouble (of course!). The conversations is pretty consistent with the characters we know and love from the show, but there were moments where it seemed a tad off and just didn’t fit.


I think that it’s worth the read if you are dying for more Doctor Who during the off-season or if you simply must own all the Doctor Who stuff you can get, but I didn’t see this one as being something absolutely necessary.


I received this in exchange for an honest review.

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