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Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter: Transfusion by Nikki Jeffords

Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter: Transfusion (Volume 1) - Nikki Jefford

Transfusion jumps into the meat of the story very quickly and stars laying the ground work for an interesting storyline equipped with action, vampires, and a touch of romance.


Jeffords really worked to try and come up with some original ideas for this one, like the fact that only AB negative people can be turned into vampires due to the blood and the virus’ unique qualities. I also liked the idea of vampire hunters being very similar to the monsters they hunt, it adds a bit of moral ambiguity to the whole situation. Which as a whole runs a bit rampant in this book as Aurora is faced with how the situations are no longer black and white, and she’s kind of forced to deal with all of it. The action in this is great and there are some really kick butt fighting scenes, but there are a few moments where I wished the fights had been even grittier or longer lasting. One of the strongest things about this novel was Jeffords ability to describe the world around Aurora and to really paint a picture of Alaska.


Aurora falls firmly in to the ‘does what she has to’ category. She has a broken family and because of her accident things are even more strained with the people around her. The fact that she is forced into hunting is something I enjoyed because we already have plenty of stories about vampire hunters with a personal vendetta, it gives the story a different feel to it and opens it up to different possibilities immediately. She kind of falls into a downward spiral in the beginning and I was worried that she might get stuck in her reckless mindset but as the story progressed she started to make some better decisions. Fane is the attractive bad boy with a surprisingly responsible side, and the nice glimpse into his actual life gives us some great info on his character and made me super curious about his life before coming to Alaska. Aurora’s mentor, Dante, is a nice change of pace compared to the other characters because he’s a bit carefree and pretty funny. He is one of the characters that I really want to know more about, we get a good sense of his personality but he didn’t really reveal too much about his past. The other I’m curious about is Valerie, who isn’t mentioned a whole lot in the novel but she plays a unique part and I’m hoping that she becomes somewhat of a focus in the next book.


While some of the major conflict is solved in this one there are some issues raised toward the end that I’m super curious about and makes me want to read the next book when it comes out.


I received this in exchange for an honest.