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Every Day - David Levithan Every Day is one of those rare books that managed to work its way into my heart and a permanent place in my thoughts. I don’t get overly emotional when reading but this book really pulled on my heartstrings.Our main character, A, is a bit different. A doesn’t have a body, so every day he/she inhabits a different body of the same age and lives a different life. For my fingers sake I’m going to simply address A as ‘he’ from now on. He never gets to stick around for longer than a day and so A is very careful to make sure that the person’s life isn’t affected by his presence. That is until he meets Rhiannon and falls for her, and so we are treated to a story that takes us on a journey of two people trying to find love in a very difficult place.The most beautiful thing about this story is the level acceptance and experience by A. There are so many characters in this that we only meet for a few pages but they have depth, histories, and lives; for a brief moment we get to see a glimpse and their stories drew me in just as much as A’s.The relationship between A and Rhiannon is a learning experience for both of them. A has never truly had a real relationship and he’s experiencing something that he’s truly never felt before. It initially starts with a bit of insta-love on A’s part and while this would normally bother me, it works for this character. He is capable of seeing more in a person in one day than most other people, but at the same time he has so much to learn about her. I love seeing how Rhiannon deals with the whole situation and I felt that every reaction she made proved that she was a good person and more importantly each decision seemed entirely human.I wasn’t sure that I wasn’t going to enjoy this one, despite the glowing reviews and all the people who are Levathan fans. I’m new to books like this, because even though it’s fantasy it’s also very contemporary. However now I’m firmly standing next to those people who told me is was worth reading. I’m definitely going to read more from Levathan in the future.