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Thoughtless (Thoughtless, #1) - Jacqueline Gardner Thoughtless is a unique story about a teen girl with the ability to read minds and the need for a little peace in her head. The first chapter starts off a rather dramatic start and Bridget finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery. The pace barely slows down after that point and we are sent on a whirlwind journey to finding out just who killed the girl and why.I had some mixed feelings on this one. I really enjoyed the overall idea of having a teenager who can read minds because that just comes with a whole load of issues, and for the most part Gardner touches on a few of those issues. I loved that Bridget had moments where she would confuse a thought for a voice, but I didn’t like that she did it with a lot of frequency. It made it seem like she is new to the ability and she’s not, she’s had it since she was little. I also like the bit of lore and mystic that was added to her ability. The problems that I did have with this book are mostly character based, with a few format issues (missing words).Bridget is a rather nice girl with a bit of a reckless streak, though I’m almost positive it’s not meant to come off as a bad thing but it felt that way. She’s fairly relate-able when she’s not obsessing over someone else’s thoughts or doing something murder mystery related, but since most of the book is one of those two I ended up not really liking her. I didn’t understand her choices all that much and it just seemed like she would choose the most direct route to trouble every time. Rory is a fairly sweet guy with a sense of humor and the ability to tell when something is a bad idea, so I immediately like him when it comes to this story. He is the voice of reason…unfortunately with a girl like Bridget he needs to be a megaphone of reason, because she makes the effort not to listen. Then there is Terrance who I just didn’t like at all. He’s the hot foreign student (British) and he’s the very meaning of charming, but I didn’t get the whole relationship between the two. Just because he shows an interest and you have a few failed dates doesn’t mean you’re actually together, and I didn’t feel any sort of connection between the two. He just feels like a distracting for most of the story.I really wanted to enjoy this one more because the concept is certainly there, and I’m actually quite curious about Bridget’s future given the uncertainy of the ending. I actually liked that the ending left off with such a tense moment and not a cliff hanger, because instead of frustrating me or feeling ‘done’ I am actually interested in reading the next book. It is a quick read so it’s great for those days you just want an easy read that doesn’t require a lot from you.