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Panty Raid @ Zombie High - Rusty Fischer This is my second novel from Rusty Fischer and it’s just as fantastic as the first one I read (Ushers Inc.). It certainly has me wanting to read another, so I guess it’s a good thing I have two more of his just waiting to devoured on my Kindle.If you are familiar with any of his novels then this one won’t disappoint, it has what I’m starting to call “classic Fischer” style. He takes a rather serious and gory topic, zombies, and makes them…super enjoyable. They are still the hungry in the scariest possible way, and the gore is still very present (it made me gag at one point). But Fischer somehow manages to make it feel like a light read by giving the main character, Toby, a comedic yet wholly believable voice. I get Toby, he’s a geek and like me his mind goes to weird places even under stress. The comparisons he threw out made me chuckle but it also really got the point across and actually made certain things even clearer. To some it up, it has a sort of…tongue-in-cheek kind of feel to it. The plot is certainly different and a new take on zombies, I love that there is a whole building devoted to the undead and i love the fact that teenage zombies are being ‘rehabilitated’.The characters are fantastic as well. I’ve talked about Toby already and how his voice really lends a great amount of wit tot he story. Spud is…well I didn’t like him at all, even in the beginning. He’s a good character because I could easily picture him and I got his reasoning, and I did kind of like his rather pathetic outlook. Boner and Zack are the typical high school jocks, brutish and rather stupid…but these guys take it a bit farther and then there is Lilac and Hailey. Hailey is the tag along pretty girl…but Lilac is a totally different breed and to be honest she kind of creeped me out. She’s popular and pretty, she’s also kind of brain dead or at least acts like it but the way she’s described at times just gave me a disturbing mental image of her. After awhile I didn’t see her as stupid, I saw her as a tad unconcerned and that’s just weird.It’s a fairly quick read and great if you are in the mood for some creepy fun.